Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog Swap - A Hasty Life

Hello Yes, Teacher Readers!

My name is Ashley, Sarah and I are switching blogs for the day, you can find her at my blog: A Hasty Life. I’m so happy to be posting here. Guest posting is such a wonderful way to meet new bloggers and share new ideas! I’m excited to see what new relationships blossom through this guest post (for both Sarah and myself!) Sarah and I thought we’d share how we met our husbands. Here is how I met the man who turned my life into A Hasty Life!

I had just broken up with an old boyfriend. I was NOT looking for someone to date again. I was happy to be single and free. J An old friend of mine invited me to dinner back home. It was Spring Break, so I was headed home from college for the week. I was in sweatpants and a t-shirt; I hadn’t showered that day because I was moving stuff in an out of my dorm room. We were meeting for a casual dinner, so I figured it didn’t matter how I looked. When I arrived, however, I realized the dinner that was supposedly just my friend and me turned out to be a dinner with my friend, his girlfriend, his two best friends (one with his fianc√© and brother.) They were strategically situated so that I would sit next to Eric, the only single one of the bunch.

Now, I had heard of Eric before. I was pretty sure I had met him before at my friend’s house and I wasn’t too fond of him. I thought he was kind of arrogant and full of himself. My friend had been wanting to set me up with him for quite some time and I figured if this guy still didn’t have a girlfriend after all this time, I certainly didn’t want to be his girlfriend.

Anyway, we ate dinner. Conversation was good, everyone was polite, Eric seemed nice enough, but I had no intention of ever seeing him again. For one, I didn’t think he would be interested in me; and two, I was not interested in dating (as I said before.) I heard from him the very next day. We hung out almost every day over the break and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since. It turns out Eric was not arrogant in the least (I had him confused with a different guy.) He is the most caring and loving man I know.

We were married about two years later on March 29, 2008.

Thanks everyone! It was a pleasure posting for you! I look forward to seeing you around the blog world again!

Ashley {A Hasty Life}


  1. LOVE hearing how married couples met!!! Love this!! Pretty dress! <333

  2. Awwww! What a cute story!!!! Ashley and Eric are so cute together!!! I looooove that photo at the wedding!! How beautiful!!!
    I'm off to Ashely's blog to read your story!!!
    love you both!!!

  3. I loved your story! Like Michelle (above), I enjoy hearing how couples met!


  4. It's always fun to hear how couples met and fell in love! I enjoyed reading both stories! What a good idea for blog swap theme!

  5. What a heart-warming post Ashley!! I enjoyed reading your sweet story!

    Blog swapping is such a fun idea!!
    I'm off to visit Sarah at your place now!