Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Tonight I'll be hopping on a plane (ahem... more like going through some stressful hassles at the airport) to go see my parents for Christmas. My parents live in France -- see #1 here if you want to know why -- and I haven't seen them in thirteen months. That's a long time! My sister and her husband will also be there for the holidays, so I'm doubly excited!

My parents live in the Alsace, a part of France that's just on the border with Germany (in fact it changed hands back and forth a few times between those two countries during the World Wars). The houses there have a very distinct style. Here's my parent's house:
And yes, that's a working vineyard in the backyard (belonging to the landlord).

Even though they've only been in this particular region of France for a few years, it still feels like home!


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  2. OMG that house is beautiful:) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and safe flight:) Kisses

  3. That house is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!
    I hope you have a lovely time visiting!
    {Take lots of photos!!} :)
    Safe journey!!!
    PS...All my bags are backed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say goodbye...:)

  4. Have so much fun!!
    I wish I was getting on a plane going somewhere fabulous like that...I've got the travel itch lately.

    Bon Voyage!
    Take lots of photos!!

  5. You should probably stop in Michigan and pick your fabulous friend Anna up to go with you... It only seems logical.

    Have a blast!

  6. HAVE FUN! can't wait to hear about your trip, friend! coffee when you get back?!!

  7. dreamy for Christmas and that house is killer. Have a wonderful time.