Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate traditions

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the chocolate tree.

Every year, my mom puts up two Christmas trees: the real one, with all of the ornaments we've had forever (including ones I made when I was little), and the fake one, decorated entirely with chocolate ornaments.

Have you ever heard of chocolate ornaments? It's a normal thing in Europe (where I grew up, see #1 here if you're confused) but it's just starting to show up here in the States.

They're foil wrapped chocolates that include a string so you can hang them on the tree. You can find them at Aldi or at World Market. Or online here:

And throughout the holiday season, we munch on the chocolate ornaments, and then my mom will refill the tree every so often. It's a very exciting time for my sweet tooth!

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. Oh my goodness, I would eat the whole tree!! And if I didn't, my dog would!! Love the idea of it though!

  2. i love chocolate so much. my favorite chocolate holiday tradition are mint m&m's! :)gina

  3. YUM! I can't resist dark chocolate!

  4. Yummo!

    Who could resist walking by and eating an fun!

  5. oh my. i think i need a chocolate tree! what a great tradition. :D

  6. Oh my. Never heard of it but I could definitely make it a new tradition. What a cool idea!

  7. I need this tradition in my life. I love candy so much!