Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taste Test

I've been eating my little heart out here in France and taking advantage of all the food and dishes that I don't get in the States! Tartiflette, rosti, tarte flambee, and raclette (pictures forthcoming). Yesterday I had a REAL pain au chocolat. And I'm not talking about the kind you can get in the states at "La Madeleine" restaurants. No... I'm talking about a pain au chocolat that leaves your fingers covered in BUTTER. Yum.

Ahem... I'll be avoiding the bathroom scale for a few months, I can already tell.

But here's some tasty goodness from Etsy that won't go straight to your thighs: The Etsy Taste Test.

Have you heard of it? It's like a mini quiz you take, and then they compile a bunch of items for you to browse through. A personal window shopper, if you will. My results are here.

Here are some of my faves within my recommendations:

Let me know if you've taken the taste test or decide to take it - I'd love to browse through your results!!


  1. How cool! I'm going ot have to try that. Thanks for the tip.
    Have fun in France! I'm so jealous.

  2. soooo jealous you are in france!! have you had macarons yet??? yum yum!!!!

  3. I like your taste test results - very nice!

  4. Yum!
    Sounds like a perfectly delicious vacation!!

  5. Wow! You are in France for the holidays!!! Amazing! Guess what... you won my giveaway! I'm emailing you details right now. Enjoy the rest of your trip.