Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy...

And I'd also like to thank Ashley from A Hasty Life for passing on this lovely award to little ol' me.

Instead of accepting this award with a speech, the rules state that I must share seven things about myself, then bestow the award onto 15 more bloggers.

7 things you were dying to know about me:

1. My parents are missionaries in France. We moved there when I was seven back in 1989 (just to save you the math, that makes me 28). They still live there and I love to visit as often as I can! 

2. I've been married for 8 years to The Best Guy in the World. We have three cats and a dog :).

3. I teach first graders who are deaf/hard-of-hearing. This doesn't involve any sign language: they all wear either hearing aids or cochlear implants and my job is language and reading remediation!

4. I love to shop at thrift stores!

5. I could eat ice cream for every meal of the day.

6. I drink black tea every morning. I used to drink coffee, but I was making it so strong that it was starting to give me headaches. And what's the point of drinking coffee if it doesn't look like mud?

7. This is what I look like:

And now, to spread the love to 15 other stylish bloggers:

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Thanks for being such lovely bloggers! Go forth and spread this award :)


  1. I love learning about my fellow tweeps! I love thrift stores, too! And congrats on your nifty award! :D

  2. Oh I would totally eat ice cream every meal - what's wron with that?! Thanks so much I will post this week! Happy Weekend to you! : )

  3. Oh lovely...thank you...and congrats to you!! :-)
    What a fun idea...I love to read up on the bloggers I follow.
    Yum on the ice cream!

    I'll try and post this next week.
    Have a great weeekend!

  4. Thank you for sharing yourself and this fun award.
    We have lot's in common as I love ice cream and thrifting. I also am married to the other greatest guy in the world.
    Keep being you...what a gift you are!

  5. This is fun! I loved reading your answers. Are your parents still missionaries? I also lovvvve thrift stores, and while I hate to spend hours in "regular stores" I can most definitely peruse a thrift store for a good hour or so.

    Ps. A picture--yay!


  6. Love learning about you! Thank you so much for the award!!!

  7. loved getting to know you better!! wish we could go thrifting together and ice cream all day!!

  8. Woo-hoo! This is awesome! Thanks for the award and for sharing more about you... so fun to read. I can totally relate to #6! Scary.

  9. thanks so much! i am really slow on replying lately, so sorry. i am an ice cream addict as well! ;)