Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Planting Love Giveaway Winners... ANNOUNCED!

Last week during the Planting Love Giveaway Event, the blogging community and the handmade community rallied around Amy and her family to raise money to cover funeral costs and medical expenses.

It blessed my heart (and I know it blessed Amy's!) to see that we raised OVER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! Wow!!

A huge thank you to all of you who sponsored, donated, spread the word, and prayed for this event!

And now, the super fun part... the part that you've all patiently waited for: the winnners announcement! (I'll be emailing winners and sponsors throughout the day today!)

Scentsy Gift Basket - Andie

Sandy A La Mode hairpins - Lauren

$15 iTunes Gift Card - Jayme

$25 gift card to Hiyaluv - Dana

OhSweetleeMe necklace - Robin

BubbleBee Creations personalized wine glass/goblet - Kimberly

Three months of advertising on Yes Teacher Crafts - Cathy

Mr. Man Tie Shirt from Eisley Rae - Emily

$20 gift card to Craftee McGee - Gina

Key Fob from Mandy - Heather

Three eternity scarves from Andrea - Cerena

$20 gift card to Josiah's Nest - Sandy

Journal from C. Jane Create - Beth

Three months advertising on Domestic but not Martha - Adina

Set of 6 cards from Moonbeam Wishes - Alyssa

Prosperity Wallet from Military Handbag - Sami

$25 gift card to Along for the Ride - Amanda

Beautiful Brooch from So Cute it Hurts - Rachel

Set of 5 photography notecards from Katie - Heather (lucky girl- she won twice!)

Celery Dots Clutch from aPearantlySew - Audra

Five personalized bag tags from Mackley Engraving - Stacy

$25 gift card to Funky Vintage Kitchen - Daniel P.

Custom blog header design from Dana Sears - Denelle

$50 gift card to Red Rabbit Studios Jewelry - Melissa

Tutu from Baby Bundles - Shannon

$25 gift card to Thirty One Gifts - Kirsten

Once again, and BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!

If you're just finding this post and just learning about Amy and her family, you are of course more than welcome to donate. Even a penny will help! By clicking the photo button below, you can donate directly into Amy's account.


  1. yay!!! congrats to all the winners!!! looks like i won something too, yay!!!

  2. I was so glad that I could help them out and win TWO prices!! Thanks!!