Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Fling Earring Swap

Hello fellow readers!

Are you longing for spring? Ready for the winter blahs to be over and done with? Me too! 

The calendar says it's just around the corner, but we'll see about Mother Nature! In honor of the official start to Spring, I'm hosting a Spring Fling Earring Swap!

(PS: Don't you love the image for this button? It's from the lovely Jacqui from Craftee McGee's!)

Here's how it will work: 

1. Sign up by March 1st (details below).

2. Buy a pair of earrings for your swap partner. The limit is $20.00. That means if you score a cute pair of earrings for $6, you buy three!!

3. Mail out your earring goodness no later than March 20th.

4. If you'd like, blog about what your swap partner sent you (with pictures! We'd love to see!) then come back here and link up with a special linky in the first week of April.

***A word about sending your swap partner earrings you've made yourself: 
Please don't, unless you have your own handmade shop where you already sell quality handmade earrings. Let's leave the earring-making to the professionals, shall we?

If you want in, here's what you need to do:

Send me an email ( sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com ) with the following information:

Mailing address
Blog URL (if you have a blog, that is. If you don't, that's fine!)
Preferences (Do you like long and dangly earrings? Subtle? Feminine? Floral? Gold/silver/other colors?)
Special note (can you only wear nickel-free earrings or hypoallergenic earrings? Let me know!)

And that's it! Please let me know by March 1st if you'd like to participate. Once I get everyone's info, I'll let you know who your partner is! Fun, fun, FUN!

Oh and feel free to grab the super cute button for your blog! (Thanks again Jacqui!)


  1. Oh what a fun idea!!! I love earrings and I love a good swap!! I'll be sending you my information! ;-) Hehehe.

  2. Sounds fun!
    You come up with the cutest ideas... :-)

  3. You know I'm in. My first swap was so fun. Ready to have MORE fun.

  4. Cool idea for a swap!!! I just sent you my info! Swaps are a great way to connect with other bloggers. Thanks for hosting this :)

  5. Also - tried to add your button and it's not working - I triple checked to make sure I had the whole code. I'm excited to put it on my blog!

  6. I think you mean $20 minimum.
    Which, I love!

  7. I can't get the button to work either Sarah...I tried a couple of times. :-(

  8. Im so excited cant wait to start my earrings!! Just received an order of crystals by post.

  9. I'm in like flin :) Can't wait! I know exactly where I am going to go shopping :)
    I tried to add your button but it isn't working :(

  10. Such a fun idea! Really excited to participate!