Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby DIY Projects

I've been strolling around the internet lately, looking for simple tutorials that even my beginner sewing skills can handle. There's a lot I want to make before the baby comes in July! Thankfully school ends May 31st, and I'll (presumably) have a whole month to make stuff.

Check out these adorable baby DIYs!!

If you have any relatively simply baby DIY ideas, feel free to send them my way ;)

PS: Have you taken the poll yet at the top of the sidebar? What do you think I'm having?!


  1. So cute! I hope you have an amazing time working on them! You should check out the cute onesie I posted today.

  2. You've picked some great projects!! That nursing cover up is fab!! You will definitely make good use of one of those...I remember loving mine. :-)

  3. Wonderful projects! I need to share these with my friend. She's always looking for things like this.

  4. Great projects! So fun!


  5. i will definately be on the lookout for you! as soon as baby makes "it's" way into the world (are you finding out if it's a boy or girl... i can't remember - sorry!) i will knit you a couple hats for next winter!
    happy wednesday!!! :)

  6. your going to have so much fun!