Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Friday

Today is the first time I've had Good Friday off from school in THREE years! My district likes to reserve it as an inclement weather make-up day - and we've had to use it for the past two years. But not this year!!

Hubby and I are taking advantage of the three day weekend to drive 11 hours to Alabama. We'll be meeting up with my in-laws and Max's grandparents. It will be a quick trip, but I'm so excited to see everyone!

Do you have any exciting Easter weekend plans? Church? Egg hunt? Big family meal? I used to love waking up to my Easter basket - I can't wait to continue that tradition with our kids someday!


  1. How exciting you get the day off! I sadly still have to go into work which surprised me because we got holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day off. You think Good Friday would make the list! I have no idea what we're doing this Sunday but I know it'll be with friends and family. :)

  2. Have a safe trip! Sounds like a great trip, even though it will be a long car ride. We're just hanging w/ our church family this weekend. The mister has plans to work on the house (big surprise huh?) with two friends and then I'm helping with the Easter egg hunt for our church kids. Should be fun!

  3. Our district usually gives us Good Friday off. Some years, they haven't, and the attendance has been so atrocious, it was wasn't worth it. They even tried using it as a professional day one year and teachers blew it off. We get it off this year too and I'm excited. I hoped it was going to be a warm spring day, but it's a chilly spring day so maybe I'll do indoor stuff.

    can't believe you're driving 11 hours in a 3 day weekend. Pregnant! You're crazy!!