Monday, April 2, 2012

Missionary Kid Monday: Deported

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If you caught the last post, you'll know that my senior year was pretty amazing! But like all good things, it had to come to an end.

And for us, the end of the road was Graduation.

Thing is, graduation felt more like deportation. Almost all of us were going back to the States or Canada for college... to several different schools in several different states. We would never all be together again!

Furthermore, most of us hadn't set foot in the States in YEARS! (I was an exception - and the unpleasant memories of my 11th grade year in California did nothing to make me look forward to college). 

So most of us felt bittersweet about graduation - and maybe that's generous. Maybe it was more bitter than sweet. 

My best friend Kara and I had been in the habit of going out for coffee every Wednesday before school. We were so sad to be ending that tradition:

Here's our last Wednesday coffee date.
We look awful. Like we were hungover from drinking our tears...

As far as I was concerned, graduation meant the end of everything good. I couldn't get past the thought that I was leaving the best years of my life behind me. That it was all downhill from here.

It was the wrong attitude to have, but I didn't realize that until YEARS later. You just couldn't convince my over-dramatic self that high school graduation was the end of the world.

My proud parents. And my dad 
was so excited to wear those glasses!

After the graduation ceremony, our class of 70+ was bussed across the border to Switzerland for a dinner cruise on the Rhine River. We signed yearbooks and tried to squeeze in the most fun possible on our last night together. 

After that, we all hung out by the bonfire back at one of the dorms. I have one picture from the bonfire and not a single person is smiling!! Once that was over, a bunch of students wandered around our little German town, talking and reminiscing with other graduates.

It was my first and only all-nighter.

And in the morning, I said good-bye to my best friend (she was heading to Texas and I was heading to Michigan). That day, I went into my room and just cried all day. My mom checked in on me at lunch and said I was lucky and blessed to have friends that I cared so much about leaving. It was a small consolation at the time, but now I realize she was absolutely right!

Stay tuned for next week - a missionary kid all on her own for college in a state she'd never been to!


  1. First of all, your dad's glasses are just hilarious. Best dad ever! Sad for your bittersweet moment though. My high school experience was mainly like your 11th grade year. I was not at all sad for graduation, but I'm glad you had such great friends and I hope you still keep in touch with them all!

  2. your dad's glasses are awesome! I totally remember those :)
    that would be so touch to go to school so far away from your friends and family, especially knowing you'd have to adjust to the culture shock too. sounds like you have a great appreciation for it now!

  3. Graduation is so hard! But it sounds like you had (have) some wonderful friends. Isn't it funny how some friends for life?

  4. Isn't it funny to look back and think how miserable you were-- IN EUROPE!!! For so many people, they think Europe is the greatest thing ever and can't imagine anyone being sad to be there, for any reason! My times in Europe haven't been all roses, so I am NOT part of the "oh Europe is so gorgeous, how could you be sad?" mentality. It's funny that the reason you were so sad was because you were coming back home!