Monday, August 29, 2011

Doing it all without collapsing

This transition from summer vacation (with 0 responsibilities) to teaching full time (with too many responsibilities) has been difficult for me.

I'm finding I need to re-learn how to manage my time. Where before I could spend five straight hours on the computer, I now feel like I only have five minutes! And I have important things to do online, you know, like blogging, commenting, and surfing pinterest.

Last Thursday between 6:40 and 7:00 AM, I was trying to: package an order, comment on blogs, and drink my tea.... all at the same time! Not surprisingly, I was five minutes late to a morning meeting at school.

The next morning, I was so tired I almost used my foundation as deodorant!!

Until I get used to my new routine, I may have to set a timer for myself when I sit down at the computer. Like so many minutes to read blogs and comment, so many minutes on pinterest, etc.

And I really wish I could develop some type of short term amnesia and forget about all of that summer fun. It might make this back-to-school transition easier!

What about you? How do you juggle it all? Especially you crafters with kiddos?!?

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  1. Anyone that works at a school has a tough time with that transition. My mom does, and the last few weeks have been killing her. I'd love to have summers off, but I know how difficult going back would be.

    As far as the juggling act is concerned, I wake up extra early so I have some time to do a little computer work before my job starts. I answer emails throughout the day, and once I'm home from my job, I work up until about 9pm.!/MandyCrandell

  2. It's true. Although I work full-time in corporate America, juggle two "tween" kids, help my husband with his business, and try to maintain my own small business, going back to work after a vacation is TRULY the hardest thing to do. It's recognizing that the beauty of vacation is over, work brings with it a type of reality that is not too easy to digest, and life just seems all that much more frustrating! Cheers to you for getting up and re-beginning the daily rush-rush routine of madness!

  3. I'm with you on this!! That first week back is so hard after the summer off!! I'm tired in the morning and I get kinda cranky by the end of the day! :-p

    I sometimes will set a timer too...and isn't it amazing how 30 minutes can feel like about 3!!!

  4. Going back to school was so hard for me too -way back when...

    Balancing act is very hard to do! Still trying to figure out how to do it all between the day job, and the two babies... Fortunately, the kids wake up super late, so I get a little time in the morning to draw and do some work. Then, I tend to stay up waaay late to squeeze in some more drawing time :).

    Currently, I've taken a huge step back and just focusing on the kiddos/family - Life is way too short and the kids are growing up too fast.

    Good luck! Hugs!

  5. oh no! foundation as deodorant?!? eeeks! hope you get some time to relax!!

  6. Sometimes I think I need a timer too and then my kiddo wakes up from her nap and I realize she has built in timer :)

  7. Tough transition! I remember those first few weeks....maybe months of trying to manage my time better. I have never been good at that. Now that I've got three I really don't have a choice, but to try and manage my time better. You will totally get into a routine and in a few months, hopefully weeks you will no longer grab the foundation instead of deodorant. At least not too frequently. :) I have considered a timer. If you do that, let me know how it goes! I think I'm also going to have to rework my sleeping and getting up schedule and maybe only do blog stuff certain nights, shop stuff other nights. I'm finally getting to catch up after a couple weeks actually. More importantly though, I have to make sure my kids and husband aren't suffering because of it all. I can't imagine working full time on top of it! You will figure it all out!

  8. Well I literally JUST started crafting, and I find that when my kiddo is awake, I'm just thinking about the next time he will be in bed so I can sit down and sew, which is awful!!! It's hard to balance it all, especially when blogging and pinterest are so fun! You will find the balance! Good luck!

  9. That photo is brilliant. Definitely need that in my life. x

  10. oh no. i am sure you will get into the swing of thigns again. i did giggle at the though of using your foundation as deoterant. especially since it is something i could see myself doing.

    :) i try to sit every sun and draft up my blog posts for the week. that helps me out a lot. if i can i will schedule the whole week out, so it posts automatically.