Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - The Big Reveal

The kitchen was the only part of the house we weren't totally in love with when we bought this house two years ago. Maybe you can see why:

We talked about remodeling it someday, but I always thought it was just one of those things we were going to talk about but never do.

Then one day in May (during my husband's one week break between classes) I came home to find that Max has taken off all of the kitchen cabinets. SURPRISE! We're redecorating.

What started off as a one week project turned into about three weeks. Max didn't realize that it would take two 12-hour days just to peel off the 45 year old wall paper. Since we were repainting the cabinets, there was a lot of sanding to be done. In fact, there were lots and LOTS of tedious steps. Here's just a snippet:

I'm excited to show you our new and improved kitchen! Ready!? MOVE THAT BUS!

Print from Laura Amiss

 Blue and White

 I love our deep freezer!

 Original paintings from Blue Egg Watercolors

Curtains from IKEA

 Rug and towels from good ol' Target

Recipe box - I should really use it more!

My heart is full - I love my new kitchen and I love my husband for all the sweat and tears he poured into it!!

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  1. Soooo Sweet !!
    And a pretty kitchen now!! :)


  2. Ohhh, it looks great! I know that has to feel so good to have it all it.:)

  3. Looks so great! Glad you got rid of the wall paper although I know that's a ton of work! It looks awesome. I just love white kitchens :)

  4. Wow...great much brighter and fresh looking now. Perhaps it will inspire you to be in there more and to use that recipe box ;)

  5. I can't believe you didn't like the wall paper?! *sarcasm* I think wallpaper came straight from the devil!

  6. So crisp and clean!!/MandyCrandell

  7. Oh, we've done remodels on 3 houses and I'm always amazed on how much more work it is than what we initially think it will be. Your kitchen looks beautiful!

  8. it looks fantastic sarah. so glad you shared it with us... finally! ha.

  9. It looks lovely! :) We're in the process of moving at the mo, and I can't wait to get decorating!!

  10. it looks great!!!!
    bright and fresh!!


  11. Looks so fresh and bright Sarah!!! I love the pale blue with the white cabinets...lovely!!

  12. Wow that looks amazing!!! Isn't it ridiculous how long it takes to pull off old wall paper?? I did that a couple of years ago and wanted to shoot myself half way through haha! Great job!

  13. Oh! Congrats Sarah!!! Beautiful kitchen! great job you two!!
    I love the white and light blue! So relaxing and cozy.
    Waiting for more photos with steamy cooking in the new kitchen!! :)

  14. yay!! it looks lovely, i love the shade of blue on the wall - really brightens up the whole area. congrats :D