Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Beachy

When we went camping in Maine with my brother, we also hit up the shore! I have to say, I love the beach up there! It's definitely cooler in terms of temperature, and with lots of fun things to explore.

We found a crab hiding in some rocks:

There it is!

My husband Max found an oddly shaped rock. Psychologist that he is, he had to ask everyone what we saw in it:

We took lots of pictures:

And we ended the day with some yummy blueberry soda:

I wish I was back in Maine right now! What about you? Do you have any favorite summer memories or are you still making them?

PS: I'm guest posting today over at Life in the Bat Cave about teachers going back to school!

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  1. Maine is so beautiful. My grandfather lived there. Thanks for sharing your pics! :)

  2. I want to visit Maine soooo bad!! It's on my top list of vacations or places to move one day! :)
    Beautiful pictures!

  3. I know where you were in the blueberry soda pic. So cool that you came all the way here to visit. I'm glad Maine is taking care of your brother well. It's a beautiful place in the summer, but as extreme as the weather is in TX in the summer is as extreme as the weather is here in the winter (not looking forward to it).

  4. Those Maine Root sodas are sooooo good! I find them here at Homegoods sometimes and always snatch them up!!

    I've never been to Maine...would love to go someday. Our Summer is gone, work and school started up no more beach days for a while. :-(

  5. hehe! What did you see in the rock? :)
    This looked like such a fun trip!!
    I have always wanted to go to Maine, and I still hope to one day!!

  6. oh, I would love to go to Maine! looks like a wonderful trip!

  7. Looks like a great trip! :) Mmmm blueberry soda!

  8. Ah, Maine! Love that place...and their blueberries! Such a great time :)

  9. maine is such a beautiful place! it's been a few weeks since i've traveled and now you have me itching to again haha!!

  10. agreed! im more inspiried by a combination of colors or the mood of a color than the color itself.


    p.s- thanks for everything- you're the best!