Thursday, August 25, 2011

Promise you won't laugh at me before reading this

I have a confession to make. Kind of an embarrassing one.

You see, way back in the day when I first started drinking coffee I was living with a Dutch family at my boarding school. I was fourteen and trying to be polite. So when they passed me a mug of strong, black coffee, I didn't refuse it. I choked it down. As was their family tradition, they drank a half mug of coffee every Sunday after church with cold sandwiches. After a few months of discreetly wincing, I actually came to love it!

And then I turned into a complete coffee snob, looking down on anyone who "doctored" up their coffee with any cream or sugar. It was black or nothing!

And then in Maine this summer, I took a cautious plunge. I had ordered a mug of house coffee. When I took a sip, I found it to be quite strong, actually..... I thought: "Am I getting weak in my old age or is this maybe a little TOO strong?"

So even though I had just finished teasing my sister for doctoring her coffee, I poured in some cream and sugar into my own mug.

And..... ohmygosh I am such an idiot for just drinking it black these last 15 years!! HELLO YUMMY COFFEE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?

Me and the hubby on that fateful day!

What about you? Any duh moments for you lately? How do you take your coffee?

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  1. i always drink if Black!!! Black only!!! I don't like the after taste when it has sugar. However, I do not mind adding any cream. In the winter time, I love when my bf's mom makes me coffee... she adds all that yummy stuff... the whip cream, flavored cream. i love black coffee, but i am always willing to try new stuff. :)

  2. I like black or hazelnut coffee with a touch of hazelnut creamer or land o lakes fat free 1/2 and 1/2... My fav. is when my Mother in-law makes homemade caramel macchiato with bourbon... yum! (Perfect for cool nights by the fire pit)

  3. haha ... so funny ... i like my coffee with just a splash of hazelnut!

  4. That's hilarious! There's no way I could drink coffee black! I know I'm probably leading you down the wrong path, but you should try Italian Sweet It's heavenly. SO GOOD!

  5. We drink our coffee with chicory in it... It's pretty stout. But oh yeah to the cream and sweet stuff. Its a must ;)

  6. Oh my goodness! You have been missing out! Welcome to the happy world of creammer drinkers

  7. I take mine with chocolate creamer. Yep, the gross powdered creamer that I'm sure is super bad for me. We are morning BFF's.

  8. ha, ha, ha!!!!!
    I looooove coffee but...only with cream and sugar...
    in Italy coffee is so strong always and I'm not able to drink it without cream and sugar...

  9. Nice!!! I am a cream and now sugar free coffee girl!!!!!!

  10. Hahaha! I can't drink coffee due to heart problems, but sometimes I'll take a sip from my mom's cappuccino.!/MandyCrandell

  11. That's adorable. I found the flavored syrups & woof, my world is changed!

  12. hah! i loved this post :)
    i tend to drink iced tea or coffee more than anything, but if it's hot i like peppermint mocha. :)

    i have a duh moment all the time. it's quite silly actually. mostly with figures of speech, i'm a bit bad with those.

  13. I like strong coffee too...but with a little cream and sugar. Plain black is a little too much for're a brave girl at 14 drinking that!!

  14. I've always liked my coffee black :)

  15. This made me laugh! ;)

    Stopping by from the Wiegands and am so glad I did! Have you ever tried honey in your coffee? It is pure perfection on your tongue, I swear!

    Happy Monday to you!

  16. Ha! I know your thumbnail was titled "don't laugh", but I'm sorry, I am! :) Wow. 15 years drinking coffee black? HOW?! I like my hazlenut cream with a splash of coffee. Or wait---I mean, the other way around. ;)

    Coffee is my indulgence. Every day!

    Stopping by from Casey's blog and wanted to say hello. :) Have a great day!