Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Barney Baby

I was excited to see that Scatter Girls is hosting a pet love linky party: we don't have any children yet so our dog Barney is all we've got!

He's half papillion and half toy fox terrier. We picked him up from our local shelter when he was just a puppy! He's almost two now (about 12 lbs) and he's still just as affectionate as ever :)

And very energetic! He loves to run and chase things in our backyard!

What about you? Do you have furry friends in your life?


  1. OMG!!! he's soooo adorable!!!!!

  2. We don't have any yet.. but my kids are dying for a dog. I want one too ..I just want to make sure we're ready. Such a big responsibility. Your Barney is cute..:)

  3. He's a sweetie!! We have 3! And on somedays...that's 3 too many. 2 Labs and a Yorkie. The labs are sweet but they shed!!! Omg do they shed!!! the Yorkie is 5 years old and 5 pounds...he's a sweetie!

  4. How cute is he?! Too sweet!!/MandyCrandell

  5. Oh he's sooooo cute!!! I'm jealous!! :-)